Individual Taxation

Tax Preparation & Planning


We offer comprehensive tax services for upcoming returns and will work with you to plan ahead to maximize appropriate deductions and credit opportunities. We will prepare your taxes ensuring that you pay no more tax than required. There are numerous possible tax consequences to consider when it comes to retirement savings plans, educational savings plans, rental properties, and self-employment to name a few. These are all the situations we will discuss with you when preparing your tax return.  


Your individual return typically includes processing such forms as your W2 and 1099. Our individual tax services provide fast and accurate results. We can discuss methods to structure your side-business or self-employment that is most beneficial to you. This includes helping you determine what you should be paying for quarterly estimated taxes on your sole proprietorship.


Arrange a meeting with us to discuss tax-planning tips to help maximize your tax deductions. Refer a client to us and receive 10% OFF your tax return.

Past-Due Tax Returns


Past-due returns incur (at least) two types of penalties: failure to file and failure to pay. Failure to file is more costly than failure to pay. It is important to act as early as possible to begin settling any dues to the IRS. We can help estimate potential failure to file and failure to pay penalties that are incurred by clients who have failed to file past years’ returns and can help in getting those returns filed properly.


We can contact the IRS directly on your behalf to help resolve past issues and negotiate back taxes. We have been approached frequently with requests to reconcile past records and file past-due tax returns. Even if you have lost your W2s, 1099s, or other business and personal records due to the passage of time, our team will assist in sorting out your records. There are several methods of obtaining past information from the IRS, such as forms requesting information from prior W2s and 1099s submitted by your employers and account transcripts detailing balances to the IRS. The process is simpler than one would expect and our team will guide you through obtaining the necessary materials to straighten out and file your prior-year taxes without missing details that may lower your tax obligation.